CineStories education is born from the proud tradition of Monte Zucker. Monte Zucker Photographic Education was formed in 2007 shortly before Monte’s passing with the goal of continuing Monte’s expansive educational achievements. Our mission is to provide the finest photographic instruction in the world in honor of Monte’s legacy as a legendary instructor and mentor. Our approach utilizes all of the finest forms of education to provide the aspiring photographer a comprehensive set of tools to reach his or her artistic potential.
Monte Zucker wasn’t labeled “The Creator” because he’s been around forever, he’s called “The Creator” because his style never goes stale. Monte Zucker is to photography what the Beatles are to music. Monte Zucker changed wedding photography as we know it today. He also changed the way we photograph couples and families. Monte’s educational seminars and classes were attended by over 100,000 photographers on 6 continents.
While equipment and styles have changed, good photography principles have not. With a life time of teaching experience, monte world renound passion for photography education continues through his new store front.

Educational DVDs

Beginners, Intermediate, and Expert level filmmakers will learn powerful filmmaking techniques during this ground breaking educational DVD. Not only will you acquire every filmmaking skill necessary to make any type of film, but you will also watch the process of creating a storyboard and bringing it to completion live and behind the scenes as CineStories shoots Kevin Kubota's Latest DVD.
Ross Hockrow will take you through over 5 hours of comprehensive Editing education on this 2 disc set. Cinema-Style Editing covers Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Techniques for editing any film. Learn everything you'll need to know in order to edit films properly and efficiently. Ross Hockrow will show you how to edit any film from wedding videos to feature length films in this all inclusive Editing DVD.
Every portrait deserves an artistic touch-up and Photoshop is the only tool that can do the .job the right way. But how do you use this powerful and complex program? This DVD is the answer: How To Photoshop Everyone is a portrait retouching training movie. Presented like a comedy feature film, this educational experience features portrait photographer Allison (Erin Cooper) as she begins her quest to master Photoshop retouching for herself. Along the way she encounters iconic Photoshop trainer Kevin Kubota in six different hilarious scenes as he plays a coffee man, a day walker, a tech genius, the Action Man, a chef, and finally…himself. This educational movie consists of one 2 ½-hour DVD with scenes on workflow, layers, fixing problems, adding the art, actions, and final output. A second 3 ½-hour DVD reviews the training from the movie in a more traditional way, and expands the education with additional in-depth techniques By the time you're finished, you'll have the tools necessary to retouch any portrait with your own artistic flair.

Educational Tours

Photography has become more than just still photographs! If monte were alive he would embrace the video revolution just as he pioneered the early stages of digital photography for canon and wescott. Jeff Medford and Ross Hockrow teach you everything that you need to know to make films as a photographer through their educational seminar.
Monte's Predecessor Clay Blackmore (Canon Explorer of Light) teaches you everything you need to PHOTOGRAPH EVERYONE! His Latest Blog Site contains helpful posts and links to his latest educational bundles.
Join Clay Blackmore and CineStories as they lead the way into the future of photography and teach the fundamentals behind the video world to photographers