CineStories is a High End Filmmaking Company that has two main Locations on the East Coast. For questions about our services, scheduling educational appearances, general inquiries, or if you're just looking for a good movie recommendation, please contact us.

Washington D.C. Jeff Medford (Producer) P:202.448.2895 ext:100 C:225.266.2836 Ross Hockrow (Filmmaker) P:202.448.2895 ext:101 Justin Golt (Creative Director) P:202.448.2895 ext:102 Tom Starks
(Business Development)
P:202.448.2895 ext:111 C:202.696.2893 Cameron Walker
(Humanitartian Films)
P:202.448.2895 ext:104 C:202.810.9977 Ben Struble (Filmmaker) P:202.448.2895 ext:105 C:585.797.9738
New England Scott Beer (Filmmaker) P:202.448.2895 ext:103 C:914.837.5557 Justin Andrews
(Business Development)
P:202.448.2895 Kris Castro
(Motion Graphics)
P:202.448.2895 ext:103 C:401.497.9050 Jamie McGuire
P:202.448.2895 ext:103 C:401.525.8143 Andrew Drachman
P:202.448.2895 ext:103 C:508.361.8408
CineStories (D.C.) 10335 Kensington Pkwy Kensington, MD 20895